Be The Tortoise


Slowly build. I am learning to be the tortoise. I want to be the tortoise in a world because only hares make the front page. We see a lot of people that are getting popular from Youtube videos. We know a lot of hares promoted by the media, popular from these 6-second videos and they are only 18 or 24 years old. Our population splits between young and old. People my age are trying to figure things out and feel as though we should have our stuff together. We think, "I should be doing things like that." Then you have people that are older, and they feel like they are past their prime. They ask, "What hope is there for me?"


It is crazy that my generation and the following generation, have the thought process of "overnight success" we feel like it is the norm because the media publicize it so much. Even the ones that work 10-15 years it is still spun to be an overnight success. It can have an emotional pull on you.


My next steps are to focus.
I am starting to focus on my journey to success. I will stop thinking about how I will get there or who is behind or ahead of me.

A lot of us are worried so much about our success for ourselves, the way we think about ourselves, and what other people expect out of us. We want to project this image on how we want to be and project this image of success and so we are very selective on what we put out and the message we put out. We are trying so hard to appear legitimate and thriving right now IN THE JOURNEY. Now I am starting to realize that it is much better to embrace the authenticity of the fact that I am still going after it and I am finding out that people are interested in that. They are impressed at the stage of the journey that I am at right now. It doesn't have to look like a success right now. People are interested in following that journey. Share the struggles. Share the ups and downs. Share the challenges. Share the wins but share where you are right now and don't feel compelled to mold that into something like a picture of success. We aren't there yet. It is better to be authentic and be real about where you are at right now. With all of that, I say…Happy 3 Year anniversary to my business,